How to access the internet in France ?

Have you just arrived in France ? One of the first things you will need is a mobile phone with internet connection. You may also need an internet box at home in order to get wifi and television. You don’t know where to start ? Which provider to choose ? Or which subscription to take ? In this guide, you will find all you need to know to get access to the internet.

Internet in France

In France, there are three options for internet access, ADSL, Fiber optic and 4G Box.

Depending on where you live, the service can change, you might be eligible to the fiber optic or not. The fiber optic is much faster, but the prices of both services are pretty much the same.

The telecoms’ market is very competitive in France. It includes the following main providers :

Main providers in France :
Name Provider page
orange logo Orange
free logo Free
sfr logo SFR
logo Bouygues Bouygues Telecom
sosh logo Sosh
red by sfr logo Red by SFR

All these Internet providers in France can give you access to different offers for Internet, mobile phone and television.

What are the different options to get the Internet in France ?

Your stay in France may be for different reasons and lengths. An expat, an exchange student or just a traveler won’t need the same services.

Stays in France for a short period of time : what are the best options ?

  • Use your foreign data allowance in France
  • Buy an international SIM card
  • Take advantage of the public Wifi

If you don’t need the internet all the time, you can still use public Wifi. You will find lots of Wifi spots in France, mostly in public places such as transports, hotels, restaurants, shops…

Stays in France for more than two months

In the case that you are coming to France for a long period of time, the best option is to get a french internet subscription.

There are many offers proposed by the french internet providers. It is important to consider what you want and the price you are willing to pay. You could find the different offers below.

What are the different offers to get the internet in France ?

Selection of the most convenient box offers of the moment :

Most convenient Box offers of 2022
ProviderBox's NameCallDownload rateCommitmentPrice/month
logo BouyguesBbox Must FibreUnlimited calls in France and 110 others countries1 Gb/s12 months22,99 € the first year
free logoFreebox PopUnlimited calls in France and 110 others countries5 Gb/sNone29,99 € the first year
orange logoLivebox Up FibreUnlimited calls in France, Europe, USA and Canada2 Gb/s12 months29,99 € the first year
red by sfr logoRed by SFR Fibre Wifi 5Unlimited calls in France and 100 others countries300 Mb/sNone23 € the first year
sfr logoSFR Fibre Power 7Unlimited calls in France and 100 others countries1 Gb/s12 months24 € the first year
sosh logoBoîte Sosh FibreUnlimited calls in France and 100 others countries300 Mb/sNone14,99 € the first year

This table lists the Fiber offers but providers also sale these offers in ADSL. Call our experts and subscribe to it directly by phone !



Selection of the most convenient box 4G offers of the moment :

Most convenient 4G Box offers of 2022
ProviderBox's NameData/monthCommitmentPrice/month
logo Bouygues4G BoxUnlimitedNone32,99 €
free logoBox 4G+250 GoNone29,99 €
orange logo4G Home200 GoNone32,99 €
sfr logoBox 4G+250 GoNone35 €

Good to know :

  • 4G box are all “without commitment”. It is therefore an alternative to Fiber and ADSL offers. They provide Internet access at 4G speed !

Selection of the most convenient mobile offers of the moment :

Most convenient Mobile offers of 2022
ProviderPackage's NameCallInternetPrice/month
logo BouyguesBandYou 100 GoCall and SMS/MMS Unlimited100 Go14,99 €
free logoSérie Free 90 GoCall and SMS/MMS Unlimited90 Go8,99 € the first year
orange logoForfait 70 GoCall and SMS/MMS Unlimited70 Go14,99 € the first year
red by sfr logoRED 100 GoCall and SMS/MMS Unlimited100 Go13 €
sfr logoForfait 80 GoCall and SMS/MMS Unlimited80 Go10 € the first year
sosh logo40 Go Limited EditionCall and SMS/MMS Unlimited80 Go12,99 €

Good to know :

  • These selected packages are all “without commitment”! Regardless of the length of your stay, you can cancel it at any time.

Call our experts if you need more informations or some help to find the best offer!



Setting up an internet plan in France

What documents are required when subscribing to an internet offer ?

With most operators, these documents are required:

  • A valid identity document
  • A proof of address (a copy of the invoice works)
  • A bank account statement

How to cancel an internet contract in France ?

Cancelling your Internet box by mail

The most formal way to cancel your Internet box is to send a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to your provider. The termination letter must mention the references of your contract, the reason for termination and the effective date of termination.

  • Orange/Sosh Livebox : Orange Service Clients Internet TSA 90008 59878 Lille Cedex 9
  • SFR/Red Box offer : SFR Box Customer Service – Withdrawal TSA 30144 94 098 Créteil CEDEX
  • Freebox from Free : Publidispatch – Free Résiliation, 6 rue Désir Prévost, La Grande Breche, 91070 Bondoufle
  • Bouygues Bbox : Service Clients Bouygues Telecom – 60436 Noailles Cedex

Cancelling your Internet box by phoneInternet

  • Orange : 3900
  • SFR : 1023
  • Free : 1044
  • Bouygues : 1064

The return of Internet box equipment

It is very important to return the equipment requested by the operator under the conditions and at the times mentioned in the contract. Operators can charge you a lot of money for the equipment and you can end up having to pay penalties (which can go up to more than 500 €) if you do not return the equipment.

Once the cancellation has been sent and the process has started, your internet provider will send you a letter asking you to return your equipment and Internet box accessories. After receiving this letter, you will have to prepare your equipment for return.

To summarize  :

  • The best internet option in France depends on the length of your stay
  • The type of internet services you can get in France depends on where you live
  • There are many internet providers in France offering several options according to what you are looking for

If you would like this information in Spanish, click here.


Is public WiFi in France secure ?

If you connect to a public Wifi network without a password, the data transmitted from your device will then be visible to everyone. Even if it can be useful sometimes, it is advisable to favor a private connection.

Is opening a line in France free ?

It depends on the operator you want to engage with. However, operators generally ask for a line opening and closing fee of up to €50.

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